Who we are

Expoform Italy operates in the thermoforming industry and specialises in the design and fabrication of plastics, wood, metal and cardboard.

P.O.P. Material, displays of every kind (free-standing, hanging, totem, counter, etc) and shape, blisters and standard/non standard packaging, stands for events, in-store theatre, transparent structures, illuminated wall units, digital signage, textile displays, and much more.

We cover most areas of retailing and merchandising, providing personalised and innovative solutions to suit customers’ requirements. We supply to companies operating in different fields: food, pharmaceuticals, beauty, fashion, electronics and mechanics.

Combining technological innovation and artisan craftsmanship, as true expression of “Made in Italy” production, the company offers a wide range of services. These incorporate graphic design, 3-D visualization, prototyping, pre-series and series. This aids to provide our customers’ with the highest quality in the consultation to choose the most cost-efficient solution together with the most efficient delivery and turnaround times.

Expoform Italy has over 3.000 square mt. of dedicated design, production, assembly and operations areas. All models and mould production is developed on-site in order to guarantee high production capacity, accurate finishing and absolute privacy and discretion for our clients.
Our team
Our team consists of a dedicated group of young people mastering the latest technologies and materials and senior professionals with high competences developed from over thirty years of experience.
Andrea Miccioni - Expoform Cad Designer, Technical Manager
Miccioni Andrea
Cad Designer,
Technical Manager
Biscarini Giancarlo - Expoform Project Manager
Biscarini Giancarlo
Project Manager
Annetti Irene - Expoform Sales Manager
Annetti Irene
Sales Manager
Annetti Paolo - Expoform Sales Manager
Annetti Paolo
Sales Manager
The company is highly dedicated and open to an operational development strategy, through partnership or collaboration in a supply chain logic or network of companies.

The added value of our company resides in the philosophy of partnership from the design stage through to implementation and production development. Contact Us